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As The Canyons gets closer to completion, we will open it up for leasing. People on the Waiting List will be able to choose their preferred unit, in the order that they joined the list.


To reserve a spot on our waiting list, there is a fully-refundable Apartment Waiting List Deposit of $500, and a $100 non-refundable Processing Fee, for a total of $600. Please read the Apartment Waiting List Terms and Conditions (below) before submitting payment.

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Apartment Waiting List Terms and Conditions

The Canyons is located at 3450 N. Williams Street, in Portland, Oregon. Persons wishing to join The Canyon’s Waiting List may do so by agreeing to terms and paying the fully refundable Waiting List Deposit of $500, plus a non-refundable Processing Fee of $100. Payments can be made through credit card through this webpage (click “Join the List” above). If you prefer to pay by check, please contact us directly at 503-239-9610. A position on the Waiting List is not guaranteed until payment in-full of the Waiting List Deposit and Processing Fee, and receipt of a completed Application Form.

Both parties agree to the following:

  1. As a member of The Canyons’ Apartment Waiting List, you have priority access to available apartments at The Canyons. Additionally, we will offer information, event invitations, and updates via email to our Apartment Waiting List members.

  2. In addition to the Waiting List Deposit and Processing Fee, The Canyons requires a completed Waiting List Application Form (click “Join the List” above to complete the form).

  3. Priority for available apartments at The Canyons is determined by the Apartment Waiting List number assigned to you upon receipt of the Waiting List Deposit and Processing Fee, and completed Waiting List Application Form.

  4. The Canyons will notify you when your name is approaching the top of the Apartment Waiting List. You may accept or reject the offer to reserve an available apartment within five (5) business days from the date of notification. You may reject the offer to reserve an apartment up to three (3) times without forfeiting your Apartment Waiting List number. When you reject the opportunity to claim the next available unit, the person following you on the Apartment Waiting List will have the opportunity to select any available unit, moving you to the next in line behind them. If the fourth opportunity for selection is rejected, you will be moved to the bottom of the Waiting List. To confirm your acceptance of an available apartment, you will sign a Reservation Agreement, which secures your chosen apartment.

  5. Your Waiting List Deposit of $500 will be credited in full toward the Lease Deposit when a Lease is signed by all parties. The Waiting List Deposit will be refunded in full, within 60 days, if applicant no longer desires to be on the Waiting List for The Canyons and submits a written request for a refund. No interest will be paid on Waiting List Deposits, either when refunded or when credited against the Lease Deposit.

  6. We reserve the right to adjust monthly Lease pricing at The Canyons any time prior to Lease signing.

  7. This agreement does not entitle you to residency at The Canyons, but rather a position on the Waiting List to be considered for residency at The Canyons.