Building with the future in mind


The Canyons is built using cross-laminated timber (CLT), an innovative engineered product made from our region’s most renewable resource: Wood.

Stronger than steel and lighter than concrete, CLT offers exceptional seismic resilience and fire resistance. It also releases far less carbon during both manufacturing and construction. In fact, wood structures like The Canyons actually lock away atmospheric carbon, trapping the carbon naturally stored in a tree’s fibers and preventing it from being released into the atmosphere.

Path Architecture is a pioneer in using CLT in America. We believe its not only the sustainable choice, but the smart choice for beautiful, durable, environmentally responsible building in cities today.



“We believe that it is essential to provide high-quality, sustainable, and socially responsible options for our aging population.

With The Canyons, we are proud to not only use CLT and other environmentally responsible materials, but to challenge and expand the concept of independent living today, making it more invigorating and community-focused.”

—Ben Kaiser



Quick facts about CLT

  • CLT is a large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered wood panel that assembles quickly, "like Legos." Panels are fabricated to precise dimensions for efficient on-site assembly.

  • Sustainably harvesting wood for CLT thins small trees from our forests, giving wildfires less fuel to burn.

  • Building with CLT greatly reduces total greenhouse gas emissions over the course of construction and life of the building.

  • It is a safe and durable structural building material, and has been used for mid- and high-rise buildings for decades across Europe and in Canada.

  • Other benefits include reduced waste, faster construction, improved thermal performance, and design versatility.

  • The growing demand for mass timber in construction in the US will contribute to the revitalization of the flagging timber industry and help bridge the rural-urban economies.